Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sleep... perchance to dream...

I got to sleep in this morning and had a rather odd dream.

First off, Daniel was driving me to my mother's house. (No... that's not the strange part. Well... it *is* a bit odd since he doesn't drive, so I guess it's strange, but that part seemed actually normal at the time, rather the way that flying monkeys seem normal in a dream, but anyway...) On the way there I absentmindedly (nothing strange there) gave him directions to my old house in Dublin, where I grew up. When I looked up and realized what street we were on, I couldn't immediately identify the house as it, and it's next door neighbors, had radically changed. To the right, the house was now purple, with a stucco wall around the entire yard. Round columns rose over the top capped with conical tops that were lavender. The whole thing seemed like a suburban fairy tail castle in progress.

When I got out of the car to take a closer look, I saw that the house in which I spent my childhood, it seemed, had been transformed into a Mexican restaurant complete with wooded grounds and an elaborate creek/fountain. I walked up the wooden stairs to see a nice patio dining room filled with a smattering of customers and some wait staff. The hostess seemed to recognize me on sight and said that I was "Jon's mom", whom another staff member also echoed. Even though I had no idea who "Jon" was, I psychically seemed to know that they knew who I was and so I waited for a moment to chat with them and perhaps get a tour so that I could re-live my childhood by looking around and remembering where things were. The staff was rather busy and so I was left to explore some of the areas that didn't have customers on my own, realizing that it had been transformed so utterly that I could not exactly place what had been where. Daniel had been waiting out in the car the whole time, and I felt that he was getting tired of waiting for me, and so I returned telling him that I wouldn't be much longer, to which he smiled that cute smile of his and with genuine happiness and affection he told me to take my time. I was relieved and went back in the hopes to make a formal leave with the staff. This time I walked up what appeared to be a wooden "creek", which is to say a type of fountain that comprised a winding chute that when filled with water from above would act as a type of creek-like fountain. I walked up to the area where I had spoken with the hostess and, seeing that they were too busy to talk, waved a goodbye and then made my way back to the car.

I awoke rather melancholy and nostalgic. The melancholy evaporated rather quickly, but I find myself filled with a desire to go and see that house soon. A lot of memories are there...

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