Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Latest image: The Hermit

Wow... I sure have posted a lot today! ;)

Here is my latest installment for my tarot project:

"The Hermit" ©2005 Storm Faerywolf
Click image for more info
or to purchase a signed print.

Comments welcome.


iamthespark said...

Featuring the artist, himself? Nice!

feri_drummer said...

I like it. I like the way it feels.

faerywolf said...

Thank you.

snakey said...

I like. Particularly the lantern, and the way the choker kind of follows the line of darkness across the middle of the card, and the lighter colour around the number balances out the goldy colour in the bottom right.

faerywolf said...

Thank you very much for your feedback. :)

grubbybastard said...

I eagerly anticipate the hanged man. : )
(I have an image of me as the hanged man somewhere...I wonder if I can find it.)

grubbybastard said...

I did, and posted it in my LJ. : )