Monday, September 24, 2007

Seasons Change

Another aspect of BTW for me was bringing things up to the surface which had not been properly addressed.

It's funny, 'cause when you do the kind of work that I do it's easy to get lulled into a sense that you have already worked on all your stuff. Oh sure, I do my cleansing and my introspective work, but sometimes what you really need is a change of scenery to put it all into perspective. And if that scenery is a magically charged space, well... then expect the unexpected.

Those of you who know me socially, as well as those whom I met and saw at BTW, are probably familiar with the fact that I have been seeing/dating Philip (southernpm) (aka "the weekend boyfriend") for some time now. In fact, some of you might be more accustomed to seeing me with him than with my husband Chas (carnivalia) since the two of us rarely leave the house together due to his mother's care needs. Long story short, as Philip and I stepped into the space of BTW it really started to put a magnifying lens on those issues that we needed to look at, the result of which is that we have decided that we make much better friends than we do lovers.

While there is some level of sadness at losing (at least the idea of having) something more, I am really happy to be making the conscious transition into what feels like a much better place for us all. In terms of break-ups, it's one of the very best I've encountered, which is a testament to each of our commitments to honesty, communication, and above all compassion. I'm looking forward to exploring what it means to be his friend, without any of the pressure that had inadvertently built up over our time together. I think we'll make great friends. How do I know this? Because we already are.

I have some other thoughts about some things that occurred for me at BTW that I will likely post more privately soon, but for now I am happy to report that I made some really good connections there that I am truly grateful for.

More later.


apocalypso23 said...

as a person who is friends with all of their exes, i can say this: i highly encourage it. it's tough work, but worth it in the end.
*sending good thoughts your way*

xomec said...

Another aspect of BTW for me was bringing things up to the surface which had not been properly addressed.
Join the club, brother, it's big enough that I'm starting to think we need jackets.
You have my sympathies, but I'm also pleased to hear things have gone so well for you all. May they continue to do so.

satyresque said...

I'm glad that it was worked out well, hugs

faerywolf said...

Thank you... I really appreciate that. And I'm certainly counting my blessings. Things could have gone in a much different direction. I'm grateful for the path that things have taken.
Jackets, you say? Sounds fetching. :)

southernpm said...

Jackets...I like this idea of jackets.
It has a bit more flair, than been there, done that, got the t-shirt. ;)

tanith_astlik said...

Hugs and kudos to you, Storm. You did some very difficult work.