Thursday, June 12, 2008

On Dandelions and Faeries

thou strange and beautiful weed!
That spreads aloft on wings of air
by chance to rest and go to seed
to grow with golden plumage soft and fair.
When you as angels gowns have turned
We make a wish and set you free
Words take flight with tufts of white
to land unknown just beyond our our sight.
Fear not the seeds that spread so wide
though suburban lawns shall scorn your sprouts
For all the scorn in all the world
Shall hinder you not
thou fairy seed, thou wild flower.


bellamagic said...

Oh! What a beautiful ode!

bluesidhe said...

Boy...This brings back some childhood memories. Thanks, Storm...I love it!

jeffinthebox said...

Awesome. Did you write that?

faerywolf said...

Yes, I wrote it this afternoon. Thank you. I'm glad you like it. (I like your Dandelion song very much, by the way.) :)

satyresque said...

Beautiful! I love Dandelions!

gwelt said...

I've long thought that Dandelions were the Goddesses favorite flower because no mater how hard people try they keep coming back. One of the traditions I studied uses dandelion root like others use salt. I'll have to check and see if my aunt Flora still makes dandelion wine. Maybe see if she'll give me a bottle for BTW.

michaelfrederic said...

That's beautiful.