Thursday, July 10, 2008

Part Time Job?

Before putting a sign in the window, I thought maybe I'd post here first that we are looking for a part-time employee at the shop. I'd really like to get someone who has customer service experience, who is familiar with spiritual practices, and who is comfortable providing customers with advice for their magical operations. I'm specifically looking for people who will NOT gives lectures to customers who may be coming in looking for advice on how to perform love spells and the like. (It's been a problem in the past... Ugh.)

A big part of the job is what Francesca De Grandis calls "Frontline Priest(ess)ing". You will need to be (or will need to become) familiar with the spiritual properties of stones, herbs, and hoodoo condition oils, to name but a few of the regularly selling items at the store. You may be called upon to suggest spiritual practices, in addition to books, music, and classes. You may be called upon to listen to someone's problem and then give (reasonable and certainly non-medical) advice. You will need to be pretty secure in your boundaries and also be able to tell people "no". Politely.

I really want to continue to change the vibe of that place.... under the previous ownership things got... well... you could've gone into a sugar-coma, is all I'm saying. We're trying to balance it out. :)

Interested parties should hand in a resume to the shop detailing both your customer service skills, as well as your spiritual/magical interests. You may either turn it in at the shop, or snail mail it to us at:

1437 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Or you can fax it to us at 925-933-9250.

We're still working out the exact scheduling details, but it looks like we will want someone 3 days per week.

In other news... we purchased the new business name today. More will be revealed...


0rko said...

Well, I know customer service but I think I'd be pretty useless in spiritual matters.
At any rate, I miss you guys.

unibear said...

I would love it very much and I am already a preistess ( not faire but still ). Unfortunately I think the commute from san jose would be a little far. I know someone who lives in walnut creek though and I will check with her, she might be interested.

revhyperion said...

Hey buddy... feel free to call me when you're ready to order some oils wholesale. :-)

tinuviel13 said...

Oh, if only I didn't live in San Diego. I have both customer service experience...including working in a witch shop... spiritual counseling, magickal advice giving and extensive knowledge of herbs, oils, books, etc. And three days a week would be ideal! Oh Well!!!

royalbananafish said...

OMG, I'm gonna live close enough to visit!!

ravenedgewalker said...

would love to...but the work permit may be an issue :(

polychromatic22 said...

Oh dear goodness, the ultimate job, and it's halfway round the country.
I've worked in bookstores for the past 6+ years and have many awards for my high customer service standards. My customers seek me out, and when people come in with spiritual/mystical questions, my coworkers seek me out to take over.
I'm comfortable in multiple traditions and have basically been advice-priestessing out of the stores I've worked near the entire time (without being intrusive or helping more than people need). I have incredibly high respect for the many traditions that rainbow palette color this world.
I've done everything from bottom of the totem pole sales, to top of the totem pole managing, including merchandising dislays, liason work, event planning, team building and task assignment, hiring, reviews, human resources, back office work, and the money stuff (and just to be clear, sales are always your number one job in retail, no matter your position).
Unfortunately, I live in Atlanta. I think the commute would kill me. It'd be fun, though. :)
I'm so incredibly glad that store got the owners it deserved, and you all got the store you deserve.

lobolance said...

This is non-helpful, really, but... nice description of the job. I spent years working in book stores, including tending the biggest metaphysical section in Santa Barbara. Tis a fine line one has to be able to walk, but it's pretty cool. Good luck!
and ps congrats on the impending wedding!! :D

nightqueen13 said...

Oh, well! If only I weren't so many thousand miles apart... I'd gladly apply for it!

starfrosting said...

heya Storm,
Oli here. I'd love to read your journal; mind if I add you? Feel free to do the same if you want to read any of my more worthwhile, juicy entries on this thing.

sethtoledo said...

Woah! I've just checked out your store on the website...beautiful. Its always depressing for me to see how amazing occult/new age stores are in the US. The shop I work in is like the only occult store in Manchester and it is like a quarter of the size.

warjustice said...

Dammit! If only i lived there! -Edge

aradian2008 said...

Oh, I so wish I lived in California. I would love to help you out, and I already have the metaphysical store experience... Oh well. I hope you find a worthy person!
Blessed Be,