Monday, November 30, 2009

Review The Mystic Dream

I was wondering if anyone here would like to help me out? We really need some good reviews over on our listing on Yelp. Please, please, please if you are so inclined to take the time to surf on over and give us a review, I'd really appreciate it.


And if you could comment back here when you are done, that would be awesome.

And tell a friend! ;)

Thank you so much!

**EDIT: I now see that the couple of nice reviews that were recently left have now gone missing. :( Thank you for posting a review, if you did one, but it is now gone. I'm left thinking that perhaps Yelp is not as real or transparent as they claim. :(


satyresque said...

Hmm, I'd like to help but haven't been to the store obviously. Though I have seen that awesome vid of your friend dancing via facebook & some pictures;)

dietrich said...

Reviewed! I love your store.