Friday, October 01, 2010

A Witch by any other name...

My article, Crafting the Warlock, is live on the Witches Voice. Check it out and tell a friend! (No, really... I want it to have lots of "hits".)  ;)


pitch313 said...

Interesting and thoughtful.
I've come to regard the term "witch" as meaning "practitioner of Neo-Pagan Craft." I don't pay much attention to the possible gender polarity implications. But maybe I've made my own adaptations to Craft's nurturing of Goddesses as an alternative to masculine monotheism.
I wouldn't mind being called a "warlock." But I've called myself a
"witch" for so long that I'm at ease with the term and the identity.

merlinwon said...

Very Very Nice!! When you typed LIVE ... i dashed to the site in hopes of seein' LIVE CAM! LOL! MM~ What ENERGY that WOOD have been!

rideout_dbza said...

That article also made me want to say 'but I am the blacksmith!' At least, in World of Warcraft I am!!
I wonder if we can swim back and forth.. I don't have a man's body, and it's hard to explain the changes in this woman's body as it gets older, how strongly those changes influence THOUGHT AND INTENT (like lycanthropy)...but I hope we can both preserve those things particular to each gender, and also be free enough to partake slightly of each others'.. just a little draught w/ respect, mebbe

rideout_dbza said...

[it would be awesome to do rites where we wear each others' skins or drag to find out how much we can intuit yeah??]