Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rapture of the Star Goddess Ritual: Song, "I Am"

Some asked for the lyrics to the song I wrote for the Rapture of the Star Goddess ritual, performed at Pantheacon this past Sunday, and so I present them below. It was an exhilarating (and terrifying!) experience for me... at one point I entered more deeply into a pre-possesory state than I had intended and trailed off, forgetting my lines. But thankfully I picked them up again and finished. I posted a picture on my Facebook Page of myself in costume from immediately following the rite. You can tell that I am tranced-out of my gourd even then. :)

I Am (the Peacock Lord)
©2011 Storm Faerywolf

I am... the first-born of Her light
Who ushers... forth the day from night
Bear witness to my starry might
And join my grand seduction!
Now hearken you unto my song
Of life within destruction…

I am... the serpent in the well
Who rises... up to conquer hell
Calling heaven down upon the earth
And as the stars do fall…
My precious jewels reside in thee
Rise and hear my call!

I am…

Mine is... the path of sacred love
the serpent... twining with the dove
And as below so is above
All life in your reflection!
For each of you I’m in your heart
Your beauty-flawed perfection!

I am... the lust that rises high
into the... heavens beyond the sky
who dares to stand proud without shame
And as the sun does rise…
A new day dawns in paradise
And met with joyous cry…

I am...

I am beauty, I am pride!
I am the light that never hides!
I am the power without shame!
Holy power, yours to claim!

As we sing the universe
In concert with us now affirms
This sacred light within our hearts
Never dies, never departs

So we sing together now
to call that love and power down
within our blood, within our bones
the song that’s calling us… home…

I am...


bellamagic said...

That's beautiful, Storm... amazing.

warjustice said...

Three words: oo la la ;)

padraig_sioga said...

The Peacock Lord's Song
You wrote this?! I'm humbled. I got a chill just reading it. May I add it to my Feri grimoire?
To sing that song while in full trance must have been a profoundly powerful experience. I'm curious about something though. I've experienced religious ecstasy before where I've been filled by deity but always maintained full consciousness. In Feri possession do you loose consciousness?

rideout_dbza said...

All I remember, because I was out on cloud 9, was "Your Beauty/Flawed Perfection/I AM" and it stabbed through my heart, because it describes me, and all of us. I was very moved. That was a very powerful rite.

loveandpower said...

Stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it here.

padraig_sioga said...

Copyright and Ecstasy
I respect your copyright. I credit you and Chas for all the outer court material that I've ... ahem ... "borrowed" from BlueRose, Faerywolf and Feri Tradition. It's a mote point anyway since this is a personal grimoire. It is a separate volume to my existing book of shadows and contains all the Feri lore that I've learned to date along with my notes and additions. I have no intention of showing it to anybody.
Thank you for defining Feri possession. This has been a stumbling block for me because when I see the word "possession" I think Linda Blair in The Exorcist. That is why I use the word "ecstasy" to describe my experience. It is accurate and doesn't frighten the fluffy bunnies.

littleredmistic said...

How beautiful. I would love to hear this put to music. Bravo )o(

hrhqod1 said...

This is very lovely. Thank you for sharing it.