Monday, December 22, 2003

In Celebration of the Solstice!

Merry Yule! I am pleased to announce that in celebration of the Winter Solstice I have released my very first book!

The Stars Within the Earth is a collection of my poetry, along with some spells and invocations inspired by my work in the F(a)eri(e) tradition of Witchcraft. I have been wokring on it for awhile, and am very excited to be able to offer it now. Paperback. 106 pages. It is available for $16.95 from my online store.

Future projects include a book on Witchcraft for gay men, and various meditation/trance journey CD's. I'm keeping busy, busy, busy...

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday!

Many Blessings!


cangelo said...

*cant wait till payday*
and.. just as an FYI the background ends up white on that page.. so the text disappears, highlighting it brings it up but cafepress didn't code the background black like the rest of your website...
figured youd want to know. ;)

faerywolf said...

Weird... I just tested it on both of our computers and it comes up fine. Are you still having trouble?

cangelo said...

yup. happens on the comp at work... no idea if it happens at home or not. Ill let you know.

arethinn said...

This is about the third time in three days that I have seen/heard specific reference to the stars within the earth. There must be something going on here... *ponders*
By the way, I think I found you by following links off , who I noticed today had turned up having friended me, although I recognize you also from the Yahoo Feri list (of which I am no longer a member).