Saturday, December 06, 2003

Moving right along...

Well, I'm new to all of the blog stuff, so we'll just see where this leads.

In the wake of some personal nastiness that I have been going through, I find myself gearing my personal practice toward transmuting emotions like anger and rage into a pure form, and using the raw energy to fuel one of my many art projects. "The Stars within the Earth" is a book of my poetry that I plan on self-publishing within the next month or two. It will be available on my shop, at

I'm also working on a book for gay men in the Craft. So far it looks wildly different than any other book out there, so here's keeping my fingers crossed.

Other than that I am just doing what I can to stay centered.


fattest said...

Yay! Storm's on LJ!!!
I'm excited about your upcoming book projects. Your creative drive is quite inspirational to me. Thank you for that.
Been busy busy busy all weekend. Phone tomorrow?

faerywolf said...

You always say such nice things to me! :-) I'd love to talk on the phone.

cangelo said...

Welcome to LJ land! its good to be able to connect with you in another medium too... :)
-Christopher Angelo

faerywolf said...

Yes! I'm looking forward to that too. Good to see you here. :)
I still like that tattoo.