Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yup... pretty much.


thorn_plutonius said...

Yes. That pretty much sums it up.
More and more I am seeing the RNC choice for candidates as an expression of their contempt for America's Constitution and the government that it defines AND a sign that the RNC really does not expect their candidates to need to garner votes. Either they are confident in their ability to rig the outcome or they have planned all along to void the election, probably now by calling a state of national emergency, as our financial infrastructure collapses into total ruin, to suspend or void this year's electoral process.

nevynn said...

American Pharices
Ah yes, such great family values.
I just don't have the energy right now, and I would simply be saying what you already know.

america_divine said...

That's clear and concise, isn't it? Thanks.