Monday, August 23, 2004


Chas went out dancing tonight with Daniel. He just called a little bit ago and said that our car got broken into... smashed the window and tore through the glove compartment. We really didn't have anything of value in it. Maybe some CDs. I'm surprised that they didn't take the stereo, though. I'm waiting for them to come home now... hopefully it wont be too bad.


cangelo said...

that so sucks and is such an ick ending to what im sure was a good night.

avalonson said...

Hey there, it's Willow here, from a long time ago...
Sorry to hear that your car was broken in to, man that sucks. Insurance covers it though, right?
Hey I think you and I knew of each other when my LJ name was sevencrowsme or chriswillow.

faerywolf said...

Well it turns out that they got my backpack, which was in the trunk of the car... still nothing really of value, except if you count my leather business card wallet with about a zillion of my cards in it. Oh well... it gave me an excuse to buy a new and cooler bag... a messenger bag with detachable pouch. It will be perfect for an overnight bag with a place for toiletries. Yay! Silver lining! :)
We're not reporting it to the police or the insurance... it wont cost much to fix it turns out. Who knew? Why pay the extra rates if I don't have to?
Now... back to my good life. :)