Friday, August 27, 2004

A New Poem

My Fevered Dream
For Daniel

If I could open up my soul
A shining light that blinds the sun
And in my bliss devour you whole
I would, my love
I would.

Do not be afraid of how
For you my black heart burns.
A flame so hot it sears the flesh
A fevered dream
And you the cause and cure.

Beyond the bounds of ego's reign
Beyond all time and sense
Between the worlds we dance and kiss
I am captured
It is useless to resist.

A fly in amber stopped in time
as my heart skips a beat
my soul ensnared within your eyes
A dream...
from which I hope to never wake.



carnivalia said...

Purty Words
This is why you arouse so many kisses, Storm. You put your emotions out there, uninhibited, and that is a gift as rare the poetic prowess you so clearly possess. May your life forever be filled with the love that so inspires you.

bluesidhe said...

It is a beautiful poem, Storm... You have great talent in putting your feelings in such a lovely form! (Sigh!!!)

faerywolf said...

You are too kind. Thank you.