Monday, September 06, 2004

My Recent Work

I have recently done a couple of paintings… my first actual “paint on canvas” pieces, and for first attempts in the medium I’m quite proud of them. In addition to the originals I am offering signed & numbered prints. (Click images below for more info.)

'The Serpents of Bliss' ©2004 Storm Faerywolf 'The Eyes of the Crow' ©2004 Storm Faerywolf

The originals measure 16"x20" and are acrylic on canvas.
The prints are on 8.5"x11" heavy-duty photo paper and the images measure about 8"x10".

Comments welcome.


lonespiritwolf2 said...

Great job on those pieces hun. They look awesome (as usual)

faerywolf said...

You're always so nice to me. :)

boaltie2004 said...

I like mucho...

lonespiritwolf2 said...

Hun, not only are you well worth it, but both you and Chas are great artists. I love what both of you do!!!