Monday, October 25, 2004

Errg... arg

Not much sleep...

Went to see The Grudge last night with Chas, Daniel, and Ryan. Pretty good movie... nothing too exciting... a good use of two hours right before Halloween. Not terribly scary, but it did have some good creepy visuals and some scenes that make you go "jump". Plus it had Buffy in it, so how can you go wrong?

Well... it made Daniel jumpy all night. L He couldn't sleep, and when one of my cute boys can't sleep, then neither can I. Soon we were all in the game room watching music videos and hoping that sleep would take us once more. It finally did, but even what we got wasn't restful.

I'll let Daniel tell you of his own dreams... mine was... weird. In my house that somehow wasn't mine... Daniel, Ryan, and some other person, had spent the night and we all got up early (before dawn, so I knew it was a dream!) in order to scrounge breakfast. My mother and late Grandmother were there and we were half-heartedly watching videos on the TV when the task came to me to explain They Might Be Giants to my Grandmother... I mean... what do you say? "They're a band, Grandma... a band who loves science." Um... yeah.

I was awakened by Daniel who had a nightmare… just as he was explaining it to me the alarm went off and he said, “Thank God!” There was such a frantic sense of relief in his voice. I felt so sorry for him. I wish I could have done something. I wanted to protect him. Maybe I’ll buy him a pony. J

I took him to work and we talked about dreams a bit. Hopefully he’ll be able to switch gears and have a good day at work. I know how intense dreams can affect me all day.

As for me… today I am doing major production. A new gallery in Los Angeles recently purchased several of my reproductions for resale and I need to have them done by tomorrow to ship. My largest sale to date! Woo hoo! Does this make me an official processional artist? (Or even an artiste???) Either way I need more of it to come… we need this home business to work so that we can continue to take care of Chas’ mom. I’m trying to think of new items to add to our store, not just our art but also more ‘mainstream’ spiritual stuff… books, and other items… just to “flesh out” the catalogue.

Keeping my fingers crossed…


veedub said...

tee shirts? i would *definitely* buy a nimue tee-shirt!

faerywolf said...

I'm working on it... right now I can only do them on white... but I'm looking into a silk-screening process that would allow them to be on black, which is what most of my requests have been for... but if you want a white one let me know and I will arrange it for you. :)

veedub said...

what sized will you be doing them in? i hate the extra-large baggy ones and prefer the fitted women's kind. if you can do it in a small, i would actually like a white one.