Wednesday, October 27, 2004

National Celibacy Day

National Celibacy Day

November 2 - - - NO DICK - NO BUSH

Pass on this info -- your life may depend on it.

Don't forget to VOTE.



yezida said...

Did you take the Votergasm pledge? Young people all over America have pledge to have sex with voters and *no sex with non-voters* for 4 years! That is right - no vote = no sex!
I think I'm gonna vote today...

faerywolf said...

I've heard about it, but am in a tad bit of a quandary about it, actually. One of the men whom I'm in a relationship with is a staunch non-participant in the political process, and while I strongly disagree with his position, I respect it, because I feel that to do otherwise is to, in some way, invalidate the idea of a free-society. (And thusly make me a hypocrite, which I am far to selfish to do that to myself, thank you.) Of course I'm also biased because he is really good in bed. ;)
Let's just hope for a Kerry victory tomorrow. It wont make things perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least it will make the work that we liberals have to do a bit easier.
Keeping my fingers crossed...