Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What I did

What have I been up to, lately? Well… let’s see. Kinda long, so it's behind a cut-tag.

I recently celebrated my 34th birthday (on the 4th). The night before I started coming down with a cold, which sucks, ‘cause I had all these delicious plans. Delicious because they mostly involved food and drink. But I didn’t let a little thing like a cold stop me. Oh no! My mom came out to visit me in the afternoon, shortly thereafter followed by my sister and best-friend, David. We went out to lunch at Johnny Carino’s, which if you haven’t gone to one yet, then please stop reading this and do it now. I recommend the Chicken Milano or their homemade lasagna. And desserts? Don’t get me started on their desserts. Mmmm… so tasty. We ate too much and drank a bit (which was an odd experience, considering I was on DayQuil at the time). My sister had a bit of a cold as well, so we were both loopy on a drink and cold medicine. Good times!

After eating a bit too much, we decided to make our way home to recover and to wait for Daniel (nullzeit) to get off work because then the real plans would begin. We had late reservations at Schooner’s (home of the best f---ing nachos ever as well as the ever popular Gilroy Garlic Fries™. Oh! And Long Island Iced Teas. Lots of ‘em. Delicious. My sisters boyfriend joined us for the evening too, which was nice, and since it was after Chas’ mom went to bed, he was able to come along too. It’s always nice when your husband can join in for those little things. J

I made out like a bandit this year. From Chas (chas_bogan), a beautiful peacock shelf from the Design Toscano catalogue that will now serve as my eastern Blue God altar in my temple room. From Daniel, a great hardcover book of the cartoons of Chas Addams, creator of the Addam’s Family. He also got me a delicious looking dark chocolate and raspberry candy bar. I got some candles and some other candy from my sister, and a booklight from my mom-in-not-law. David got me an Amazon gift certificate, which was promptly spent. My mother went crazy (as usual) and bought me a portable art studio (a 106 piece wooden carrying-case that has oil/watercolor/acrylic paints, brushes, colored pencils, pastels, a wooden palate, a palate knife, and more, along with an adjustable easel built right in to the case). The next day she took me out to breakfast and we stopped by a couple bookstores where she got me a few books I had my eye on. Go mom! J

Ryan (darthjarjar) came over on Sunday to spend the night. We had a lot of fun making dinner (soft tacos) and watching the fun yet stupid Chronicles of Riddick. Oh well… cross that one of my NetFlix list. (Which reminds me… anyone else here on NetFlix? Let’s be NetFlix Friends!) J

The next morning, I made French Toast, and Daniel nuked some delicious pre-packaged bacon. Chas made mimosas for the mimosa-inclined, and we watched Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Daniel and Ryan worked on their DJ stuff after that and I got some work done

Last night I went out with Chas to Death Guild, where we met up with Daniel and Ryan. There was some angst going on when we arrived which kinda started to poison our evening making me withdraw a bit more than usual. Chas kept talking about how much he was craving a cigarette and so, which my dysfunctional encouragement, he went off to buy a pack for us. (Big mistake as I am getting over a cold and today my lungs are paying for it.) While we were in the middle of some of this silly angsty feeling, our old friend Thom (f8) showed up out of the blue. He had missed his bus nearby and decided that we would probably be around. He convinced the doorman to let him in to the club just to retrieve us and we stood outside and chatted for awhile. It was so good to see him and to hear what he is up to.

After Thom left to catch his back-up bus, we went inside where I immediately saw the semi-famous Thorn Coyle (yezida). Well, actually she saw me first. We hung out like well-dressed wallflowers for a bit, then she went and danced while I took it all in. (I wasn’t really in the mood to dance, for some reason.) We talked a lot of life, the Feri tradition, her crazy and needed teaching schedule, and my own decision to start a Feri class soon. The music was so loud (it is a dance club, after all) I was starting to get hoarse and so I hope that she and I can find another, quieter venue to sit down and talk in sometime soon. We did make a deal with the Goddess that we would dance to whatever the next song was… to which I reminded her that the Goddess has a sense of humor. The next song came… nothing I knew and nothing I would consider at all “good”. We joined the ranks of the dancing, and did so for about 30 seconds. “We never said how LONG we would dance for,” she said. Indeed! I ended the evening by finding Starr (pulsar_glitch) and giving her the Cadbury Mini-Eggs that she so desires this season. She squealed and wiggled, which was pretty much the reaction that was expected and that I was going for! Here’s for pretty goth-chicks wiggling! J

Well that pretty much brings us up to the present day. Hopefully I’ll actually update this thing with some regularity soon.

Ha! Right…


yezida said...

That is so funny about Tom! I saw him for 5 seconds while I was waiting to show my ID - knew I recognized him, but it was so brief and out of context that I didn't make the connection. Duh.
Nice seeing you all last night.

f8 said...

just for the record, my name is Thom
Now spell it 10 times on the blackboard.
That is kinda weird that I breezed past Thorn without even noticing her. It's just how I am when I'm focused on something, I don't spend a lot of time looking around.
What an interesting, random interweaving of people and circumstances last night.

f8 said...

It was actually my doppleganger.
That line was so short, I'm surprised I didn't notice you. I wasn't really looking around.

faerywolf said...

Eeek! Chalk it up to frenzied mindless typing. I have corrected my most grievous error.
Please don't hit me. Or at least not hard.