Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Status Report

Well… it’s been quite a busy time over here lately.

Not only am I compiling the submissions for the upcoming issue of Witch Eye, but we hosted the holiday dinner this year… all this and a sudden upswing in sales and it’s been quite a ride! Luckily we’ve still been able to get some fun time in too, usually in the form of cuddles and Myst 3: Exile, one of the Playstation2 games that I got the household this holiday season, the others being Spyro 2, and the extra super awesome Sonic Super Mega Collection Plus, which contains several old Sonic the Hedgehog games originally written for the old Sega Genesis console. I loved Sonic, although the real reason that I got this game (for Chaschas_bogan, for X-mas) was because of one of the games on it: Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, a Tetris knock-off which involves an evil menace, some sentient jellybeans, and a whole lot of whoop-ass. Oh yeah… bring it on, baby! Chas and I use to spend HOURS playing that thing back in the day, and were sad when we eventually got rid of our old Sega. Now we can waste that time once more… brightly colored jellybeans floating in my mind… sweet computer-generated bliss.

I got some good things for the holiday this year. Chas got me a few things of note including a hardcover graphic novel with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman (“Trinity”), a Dr. Who DVD, and a kick ass door stop that is a couple of feet & legs that stick out from under the door. What makes them so cool is that they are wearing striped socks and sparkling ruby slippers. (We all remember that scene, don’t we?) So funny. Daniel nullzeit got me the three Harry Potter DVDs (yay!), Ryan got us a couple of hilarious books… “Giraffes? Giraffes!”, and “Your Disgusting Head”. Trust me… run out and get them NOW! So awesome. (Thanks, Ryan!) ;)

On a productive note, today I waded through the throngs of receipts accrued in the post-holiday (lack-of) book-keeping madness, as well as got around to filling the last remaining orders we got just before the holiday. My desk, I am happy to report, is now clean and organized. Let’s see how long it lasts!

We’ve been having fun going to Death Guild these past few months. I am grateful to Daniel for having introduced me to this venue as I have met some very interesting people there. As of this last week I have knighted my friend Ryan darthjarjar as my new drinking buddy and we have together discovered the bliss that is vodka and cranberry. (Mmmm… yummy.)

Speaking of Death Guild, I went to the X-mas party they had at DNA Lounge and saw that beautiful Witch Thorn Coyle, yezida (check her out looking sexy on the cover of New Witch Magazine… hubba hubba!) I’m hoping she’ll want to make it out to the regular Death Guild some Monday night as it is a much better venue than DNA. Unfortunately DG will soon not be at its regular venue for a couple of weeks next month… something to do with alcohol, minors, and the loss of a liquor license. Interested parties can check out the Death Guild blog for more info.

All in all things are going quite well. I’m even working on a new art project (finally!). Thank you to Chas and to Daniel for riding my ass about it. (Hey, get your minds out of the gutter, kids… mine wants to float on by…) I love my life right now. I am filled with gratitude and happiness for all of the goodness that I have been experiencing.