Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Living the Dream...

Well, it's been quite awhile since I have posted. We've been working hard over at the shop to "re-paganize" the place, as well as simply bring it back up to what we consider to be a higher standard. We immediately increased the witchcraft section to over three times its previous size and have been busily stocking athames, statues, and ritual tools. We've also been working hard to give the place a make-over, which it was sadly in need of. (The major stuff, like carpet and paint) will come later, but for now we have contented ourselves with re-arranging some of the current fixtures, and doing general decor and cleaning.)

It's been quite an experience. We've worked many, many hours, and are pretty happy with what we have done so far. But there is still so much more coming! Our plans include carrying more herbs, oils, and incense, as well as increasing the book and music selections. The store is certainly more full than it has been in years, so those of you in the bay area are invited to stop by and take a look at what we've done so far. Those of you who are interested in crystals and gemstones will be happy to find a wide range of selection which will only grow after we visit the Tucson International Gemshow this coming February.

And our class selection will change. I will be offering some classes in the future and am in negotiations with some other teachers (both Feri and non) to do events there as well. Offerings include Chi Gong, Sacred Dance, Working with Crystals, Meditation, Yoga, Tarot, Astrology, Witchcraft, and much, much more.

So please visit us. Drop by and say hello!

Dolphin Dream
1437 N Broadway
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

We have extended our hours for this month for the holidays. M-F, 10am-9pm, Sat & Sun 10am-6pm. (We will close on Monday, Dec. 24 at 6pm)

Chas and I hope to see some of you there soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Combat Card Meme

OK... just 'cause everyone else is doing it (and I don't wanna get left out of all the fun!!)  ;)

to fight faerywolf
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Worship the KoK!

This is the funniest thing I've seen all week. Look what came to our PO Box today:

(click image for larger view)

**EDIT: Yes... this is real. It is a church in Pittsburg, CA, not far from where I live.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh, the memeage!

And here is another meme! Comment on this post. I will choose seven userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

I responded to grey_twolf and he asked me to explain the following icons:

 Peacocks: This is from one of my pieces, "The Love of Gods and Men". Drawing form imagery from the Feri tradition, it's about same-sex male love, and pride... things that I'm totally into. ;) I tend to use it when I am talking about something sexy, compassionate, or dealing with my relationships.

 Bluegod: Again with the Feri! The BlueGod is the spirit of eroticism, as well as spiritual enlightenment. As a priest of the BlueGod I tend to scatter his images about me wherever I go. Again, I use this when speaking of things sensual, or spiritually erotic.

 Bloodrose: This is a tip-of-the-hat to that lineage of the Feri tradition in which I was originally trained and initiated. The rose is the Western equivalent of the Lotus, signifying enlightenment, and the continuous unfolding of awareness. The five petals are reminiscent of an inverted pentacle, representing spiritual energies mediated down to the physical. The oroborus surrounds it all, signifying the ever-presence of the Goddess. I usually use this when talking about Feri, especially things specific to my original lineage.

 BlackHeart: In the Feri tradition (are we seeing a theme here?) the term The Black Heart of Innocence  is used to poetically refer to the natural state of the soul, unfettered by outside social restrictions. I use this in Feri posts, especially those centered around freedom, or just when I want to draw particular attention to the post, since it is animated. ;)

 Wonder Woman - Bracelets: She was my original Goddess figure. A spirit of truth, compassion, and non-patriarchal power, I use this when speaking of woman's rights, spirituality in pop-culture, or just when I'm feeling sassy. ;)

 Melek Ta'us: The Peacock Angel, a representation of the Blue God as described in Middle Eastern myth. This particular image I based on Paul B. Rucker's piece of the same name. Again, I use this primarily for Feri related posts.

 Bluerose: A reworking of Bloodrose (see above) and used to represent posts that have to do with my unique lineage of Feri also called Bluerose. In various myths, the blue rose is a symbol of that which is just beyond our reach... a spiritual goal that exists not in the physical, but perhaps in the otherworld. It feels very Faery to me.

News that should have come on Coming Out Day...

I'm sure I can't be the first to post this, but...

I'm in ur Hogwartz...

...teaching ur children tolerance.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

[Sex Filter] 1st Post

Awhile back I announced that I was going to start a sex filter in which I would talk about... well... sex, really. Specifically the sex that either I'm having... or want to be having.

And then I did nothing with it.

Well, I decided that needs to change. My intention is to make this filter unsafe for work (!), so anything of that nature will be behind a cut... so if you DO NOT want to be on this filter, then send me a note to and let me know and I'll take you off right away.

This is heavily filtered.

This post begins at BTW last month. While there I met someone and fell madly in love. What a minute, you ask... isn't this about sex? Yes... we're getting to that. But first... background...

I was attracted to him immediately but since every time I saw him he was busy I kept my flirting to a minimum and then went on my way. Truth be told there were a few others at the event that I also found attractive (some distractingly so!) and since no one really acted on anything I chalked it all up to friendly flirtation but, sadly, that no one was interested and I would just have to put up with people telling me that they loved my writing and my art but that I would get no play. It's all good.

Oh, I'll admit it... I was rather hopeful that being out in the woods with 90 gay pagan men that I might get some sacred sex out of the deal, but I certainly wasn't expecting it. Or at least I tried not to. When it became apparent to me that either people weren't interested, or (as I was told by a couple folks) that those who were interested were actually intimidated by me because of my perceived status as a public witchcraft teacher (I suffer from the big fish/small pond syndrome, apparently) I just decided to relax and put it all behind me... have a few too many glasses of good wine... and enjoy the ride.

Friday night there was a ritual dance... Komos, in which Dionysus was invoked and the spirit of orgiastic revelry ensued. Wearing my finest leather pants, I enjoyed sights of cute boys in jockstraps, and hunky guys wearing everything else from Renaissance wear, to leather fetish gear. Needless to say, it was my type of party.

Then I saw him. Behind the counter looking my way. We made eye contact, smiled, and I made a beeline for him. Now believe it or not, I'm usually shy when it comes to this sort of thing. If I like someone, then I'm usually much more on the quiet side. Unless I have my "way in". I had been casually flirting with him for a few days, and I guess that (and the couple glasses of mead I had downed just minutes earlier) did the trick because within a few minutes he and I were making out, hot and heavy, and I was in bliss. Each timer I came up from air I was legitimately surprised to find that there were other people in the room... as the whole world fell away with every kiss. I knew that this was much more than just a sexual attraction for me, but I didn't think about it because I was 2000 miles away from home... in a magickal space... charged with erotic energy... and so how could I expect that whatever connection I thought I was feeling be returned?

I was a bit sluttier than I would probably like to admit at that party, but I have it on good authority that I was not alone. I was told that blowjobs were being traded amongst the crowd, but I honestly never saw any of that (dammit!) because I was too far engaged in my own sexual fantasy come true, in which I was taken behind the counter where we continued making out... just a little heavier that we had done in full view of everyone. My head swimming with alcohol, and sexual frenzy, he and I made our way to his camp, where we proceeded to take things to the next level.

This is where the story really begins, at least in terms of a sex filter. He was am amazing kisser... I mean incredible. And looking into his eyes was an experience in transcendence all in itself. But naked, pressed against him, I found myself in a space that was at once primal, spiritually engaged, and heart-centered; a state that I honestly can't recall ever having experienced before. That night it has started to rain a bit, and while we panted and writhed together I recall flashes of lightning exploding overhead... it was as if nature were making love with us.

Whatever shields I might normally have up during a first encounter were not there. I felt my heart pouring into his, and vice versa... which really just made the sex all the hotter. I don't know how long we spent there... touching each other's bodies... tasting each other's skin... though it was cold (he didn't have a tent but one of those Element truck things... the back with a hard cover but open at the end) and the breeze would wash over us from time to time, we were covered in sweat. Eventually we were covered in each other's seed, as well... and usually this is the time in which I say, "shower time, honey!" this time it just felt so good to draw him close to me, our slick skin pressed together, and spend untold time kissing him and praising the Gods who brought him to me. Holding each other we fell asleep, and the first thing we saw in the morning was each other... smiling those goofy grins that you have when you have just fallen in love, and all is right in the world because of it.

For the next couple of days we managed to spend as much time together as possible, some of it clothed, thankfully some of it not. And I was glad to find that the incredible sex of our first night together was not a fluke... no blurring of perception because of alcohol... no trick of the light... each time a celebration of primal love, culminated in the merging of not only our bodies, but of our hearts and our spirits. Probably sounding a bit cliché, but there ya go.

When we left each other, saying our tearful goodbyes, we admitted to each other that we were not good at the regular communication thing. So we agreed to keep in "irregular communication" with each other. So far that has meant a message or an often lengthy call every day. I had no intention of starting up a long distance relationship. (I usually think that they are rather absurd)... but then again maybe I am absurd, so maybe that makes it all OK. He's moving from Ohio to Missouri in a week or so (13 hours closer to the West coast, as he put it) and he's coming out to stay with me for a week next month. I'm excited about him getting to meet Chas, since that's a necessity in my book. And then we'll take it form there. Both of us are definitely sprung on each other. My 14 years experience with polyamory has taught me that all loves are different... but I was not prepared for this one. He engages me on every level that I can think of... we are alike in many ways... and different enough to make sure that it will not likely get stale any time soon. I feel very blessed to have so much love in my life... and very fortunate that some of the hottest sex I have ever had in my life has decided to come along with it. I love my life...

In other news someone at BTW mentioned to me that a Prince Albert piercing never completely closes up... so I tested it out today and learned that's true! I took my jewelry out 4 1/2 years ago and was missing it lately... today I am happy to report that there is now a nice (if small) circular barbell through the end of my cock. Yay!

OK... so yeah this had sex stuff in it, but i guess it was more about relationships, and stuff. I promise next time I'll talk about something more dirty. Any ideas? ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Feri Camp Retrospect

I'm back from Feri Death Camp, and while it was a wonderful experience it almost killed me.

Well, sorta.

My first day there I tripped and twisted my ankle. It was very painful and it swelled up for a couple of days. I spent a lot of time hobbling around and being offered various pain killing concoctions, some of which in hindsight I should have taken, if nothing else but for their street value. ;)

The second full day there I started to get sick. This is in all likelihood because of the mold that was present in one of the rooms in the building that was set aside for the teachers. We decided that we couldn't sleep there, and so closed the door (which you had to walk past to get to the other rooms) and decided to use the other two for the four of us. anaar and I ended up sharing a bed which we decided would be the foundation for a good series of rumors about my sexuality. The second morning there I had completely (and I mean *completely*) lost my voice... barely a whisper could escape my lips. After making Kala my voice returned (if only to a frog-like state) and at least I was able to do my work. I had been stressing about it before then, musing that my voice was the only tool I had to offer; so I guess the Goddess decided to teach me a lesson, and one that I think I learned in full. The classes and meditations that I offered were well received and my voice was certainly nothing like what it normally is, teaching me that I have more than just that tool at my disposal.

My morning path was well attended, far more so than I was prepared for so I had to make some last minute adjustments to the final morning's ritual. But it all worked out. My path was about working with the spirits of the dead. Specifically about connecting to their realm, and then helping them cross over, the final class of which was more of a ritual involving Malek Ta'us and the Middle Eastern myth of how he extinguished the fires of Hell. We journeyed first into our personal hell (as put forward by my husband Chas' article for Witch Eye) and then we descended into the underworld dimension of Hell to help trapped souls cross over from that place. It was heavy work and there were more than a few tears shed, including my own.

The Saturday night ritual really affected me deeply. The only plan was that Karina would do a possession with Ana, and I would be possessed by the Arddu. While possessed, I/Arddu would walk the circle looking at the ritual participants and I got the distinct impression that he was examining them... looking closely not at their bodies, but at their energy fields. Some were taken from the circle and brought before Ana, presumably to hear her counsel. Others the Arddu spoke to directly, mostly about darkness and fear, of which he said were his food, inviting the participants to release it into him so that he was "fed". During all of this he/I began to dance, although I couldn't for the life of me tell you exactly what it was like. I felt exaggerated movements and various degrees of energy, which culminated in him addressing the entire circle, inviting them to release their fears into him. I remember seeing and feeling dark, smoke-like tendrils of power emanating from the participants and into my body (at which point the part of me that was still me uneasily trusted that the Arddu knew what he was doing with all of that power). We then moved over to Ana, who lifted her veil and received all that power into her, first with a breath and then sealed with a kiss. (Which I'm sure will elicit even more speculation about my sexuality!) I then collapsed at her feet, and I think she then addressed the circle. We then moved outward while she spoke and eventually moved into a dance in which the participants were asked to "dance the dance of their own death". Part spiral dance, part ecstatic madness, I remember being in the center of the circle, underneath the black veil and dancing clockwise, looking outward to see the firelight broken by shadowy figures moving counter-clockwise around us. This eventually morphed into a foot stomping, high energy dance that merged into a cone of power which I assume was the moment in which all that pain and fear was released and transformed. I don't know, actually. I was only the co-pilot, and for the most part I was simply relaxing, my feet up on the dashboard,  just letting the Arddu do his thing. I have only done possession with him a few times before, and this was definitely the strongest that I have experienced. It was one of those times that either tells you that magic is real, or that you are quite insane. Or both. Yes... probably both.

Michele (mrj15) hosted the ancestor ritual on Sunday night, which was amazing. While she has a casual style, she really has a command of the room. We called the ancestors to come and join with us and my grandmother came to visit, as did Victor. I thought it might sound a bit cheesy, but I introduced them and my grandmother was very fascinated with whatever Victor was saying. (I later heard that Karina (loveandpower) had a similar experience, so it sort of validated it a bit for me.)

As Michele already reported, she and I upheld the tradition began at the last Feri Camp by staying up all night the final night. We laughed so hard we nearly choked. And we had some intense conversations... about Feri... politics... the world. When we started on Britney and Anna Nicole we knew we had gone to far. It was fun... but also a bit of a horrorshow. ;)

I met so many wonderful and caring witches at this camp, both student's and Initiates. Karina's students were powerful, intelligent, and responsible, definitely a credit to the Craft.

In retrospect, I see that everything was as it should be. My injury and my illness were lessons in my own power, but also in how my ego steps in the way of my work (i.e. My ego was bruised because, dammit, I'm supposed to be a powerful teacher and how can I embody that power when I'm hobbled and froggy?) Definitely Kala fodder. It was a good lesson for me.

In other news, I decided on a name for my particular line of Feri: BlueRose. It's both a tip of the hat to my Bloodrose-derived origins, while moving outward into the realm of my own trance experiences, in which I have seen the blue rose as my own Holy Daemon (God Self). The blue rose is the ever unfolding mystery; the holy grail which we strive ever toward, but is just out of reach. It feels very faery to me.

So I'm home now... rested... but still exhausted because I am sick. Happy to be home, but also hopeful that I will get to see everyone again soon. Point me in the direction of the next camp!

Monday, September 24, 2007

In case you missed it...

I just love her so much. I think I want Chas to make me a T-Shirt of this.

Seasons Change

Another aspect of BTW for me was bringing things up to the surface which had not been properly addressed.

It's funny, 'cause when you do the kind of work that I do it's easy to get lulled into a sense that you have already worked on all your stuff. Oh sure, I do my cleansing and my introspective work, but sometimes what you really need is a change of scenery to put it all into perspective. And if that scenery is a magically charged space, well... then expect the unexpected.

Those of you who know me socially, as well as those whom I met and saw at BTW, are probably familiar with the fact that I have been seeing/dating Philip (southernpm) (aka "the weekend boyfriend") for some time now. In fact, some of you might be more accustomed to seeing me with him than with my husband Chas (carnivalia) since the two of us rarely leave the house together due to his mother's care needs. Long story short, as Philip and I stepped into the space of BTW it really started to put a magnifying lens on those issues that we needed to look at, the result of which is that we have decided that we make much better friends than we do lovers.

While there is some level of sadness at losing (at least the idea of having) something more, I am really happy to be making the conscious transition into what feels like a much better place for us all. In terms of break-ups, it's one of the very best I've encountered, which is a testament to each of our commitments to honesty, communication, and above all compassion. I'm looking forward to exploring what it means to be his friend, without any of the pressure that had inadvertently built up over our time together. I think we'll make great friends. How do I know this? Because we already are.

I have some other thoughts about some things that occurred for me at BTW that I will likely post more privately soon, but for now I am happy to report that I made some really good connections there that I am truly grateful for.

More later.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! (and appropriate meditational movements)

Happy Birthday to yezida!!! I hope it's a great one! We need to plan a trip to Death Guild so I can buy you a birthday drink!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Goodbye Esmeralda...

Alice Ghostley died yesterday. You may remember her from her character of "Esmeralda" on the TV show Bewitched.

I have such a soft-spot for the cast of that show, as they were my first exposure to witchcraft and were directly responsible for me pursuing that path. (When I was two years old I told my mother that I was going to be a witch, and I doubt that it had much to do with the Horned God and the Goddess of the moon at that age!)

Good bye, Alice! You will be missed!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Feri Camp Extended Deadline!

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Good news!  The registration deadline for the upcoming Massachusetts Feri Camp has been extended to September 28th! So if you still want to go, but were worried you couldn't register in time, now is your chance!

New England Feri Intensive
Exploring the Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death
With Anaar, Storm Faerywolf, Michele Jackson and Karina
October 4 - 8, 2007
Camp Nawaka, East Otis, MA

Join Feri students, practitioners, initiates and four teachers from distinct lines in the Berkshire Mountains of New England for four nights and five days of intensive classes, ritual, community and magic. We will open to the darker mysteries of Feri Tradition focusing intently on the Mighty Dead, Hoodoo, Psychic Opening and Protection, Danger & Delight, Bardic Circle, the Dark Deities and the turning of the Year Wheel. The Intensive will engage the Whole Self, using a variety of methods including song, poetry, guided meditation, dance, crafts and more.

Please visit for more information!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Memeage, it's the word!

I have mucho new people on my friend's list! Yay! But for friends new and old, in an effort to get to know you a bit better... why not take time out from your job and waste precious company time by mis-using their internet resources? C'mon... you know you want to.

Stolen shamelessly from queerpaganquill:

Answer in the comments, all comments will be screened.

1. Do you have a tattoo?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Fish?
5. Do you dream in color?
6. Ever seen a corpse?
7. How about them hipsters?
8. How did we meet?
9. What's your philosophy on life and death?
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be?
11. Do you trust the police?
12. Do you like musicals?
13. What is your fondest memory of me?
14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
15. Would you cheat?
16. What are you wearing?
17. Have you ever peed in a pool?
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. Which do you prefer - short or long hair?
21. What's your favorite day of the week?
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you?
25. What was your first impression of me?
26. Have you ever done drugs?
27. If we were locked in an elevator together, what would you want to discuss?
28. What is your favorite meal to have when you're on date?
29. If there is any habit you have that you could change - what is it?

Happy Birthday!!!

It's time for us all to celebrate that glorious day when the world was gifted with lonespiritwolf2.

Happy Birthday, baby... I'm so glad I got to see you recently. I love you. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back from Between the Worlds...

I arrived home safe and sound early Monday morning from my week of camping at Between the Worlds in Ohio. I'm still adjusting to "the real world" (whatever that means) but I wanted to take a moment to chronicle my feelings and experiences at the event.

I originally had some feelings of trepidation surrounding my attendance at the event. My experience with large groups of gay men (there were about 90 in attendance) have not exactly been all that kind; usually centered in places of addiction (i.e. bars) or basically focused on inflating some already over-inflated egos to the extent of coldness and cruelty to others. Perhaps I'm naive,  but I'm one of those people that feels that people should actually be nice to each other. Or, as carnivalia once put it, "You're one of those who actually believe what they taught you on Sesame Street, aren't you?"

My stress soon melted away as I arrived at the land: 625 acres of reclaimed land that as recent as 20 years ago had been decimated by strip mining. Today it is beautiful; paths and trees, and meadows... simply gorgeous, and a symbol of hope in a world that continues to exploit and destroy our natural places.

Whatever feelings of social anxiety I still had were alleviated as I met the individuals involved in the event; so caring and genuine. They put me at ease with their compassion, their laughter, and their fierce commitment to building a healthy intentional community. Never before have I experienced such a sense of profound love and acceptance, so much so that I was, at times, overwhelmed. My only other experiences with Pagan retreats have been the two Feri Camps that I have taught at, and one Feri Initiates gathering and while I found them all to be very powerful, transformative, and full of connection, it was BTW that spoke most directly to my heart and soul.  I have felt that certain individuals in the Feri community have been my "family". At this little temporary mystical village in Ohio, I felt a profound sense of familiarity even though I had not met most of them before; as if I were truly "coming home" to a family that I had not even known that I had forgotten.

One lesson that I learned was just how much of my power leaks away by living in a straight society. When I go to the grocery store, or walk down the street, I do not feel comfortable showing any level of affection for my husband or lovers unless I am in a queer specific place or a private setting amongst friends. It's an issue of safety, as I have been in situations in which I have been attacked and threatened for my sexuality. Until I got to BTW I had no idea how much of my attention and power is devoted to not showing public affection or being too "animated". It was an important lesson for me to experience, and I am working on incorporating this insight into my current practice.

There were a lot of inspirational experiences at this event. Between the workshops, rituals, intense conversations, and even a surprise heart-connection that swept me off my feet, I feel invigorated to take my practice in a new direction. Certainly one of the very first things I will be doing is returning to the book I have been writing about Witchcraft for Gay men.

I had an opportunity to teach a workshop ("The Amethyst Pentacle") which ended-up beginning with a little introduction to the Feri tradition. I received some good feedback and am honored and touched that so many people seemed to have gotten something positive out of it. The rest of the time I was simply attending other's workshops and basically "smoozing" which allowed me to meet and get to know some amazing people.

I had an opportunity to hang out with Christopher Penczak (torcboy) and his husband Steve Kenson (xomec). They are both really down-to-earth and talented people. (And very geekish, which of course is sexy to me.)  ;)

I also got to meet Doug and Joe from Otherworld Apothecary. They are both initiates in a branch of pre-Wiccan traditional witchcraft, and are ecologists to boot. I took their class on Land Based Craft which really opened up some stuff for me (and truth be told, kinda scared me a little, which to those of you who really know me will know that I then found it potent and cool!) I found their overall approach to be "very Feri" in places, or at least in what I was taught (as opposed to a lot of the public Feri stuff which has incorporated elements of Wicca and Ceremonial magick.) If you get a chance, go to their website. They not only have the finest quality traditional magical oil and herbal blends that I have found, but their bottles and labels are both beautiful and exquisite. Chas and I will be carrying as much of their products as we can after we take over Dolphin Dream in November.

The musical guest was Jeffrey Altergott, and if you are not familiar with his work then you owe it to yourself to check him out. His presence was soft, warm, and his talent is considerable. I didn't get much of a chance to speak with him, but I am hoping to remedy that next year. And I just saw that he friended me here on LiveJournal! Yay!

The keynote speaker was Sparky T. Rabbit. This was of particular importance to me, as it was his work with the Pagan band Lunacy that really paved the way for me to embrace a Queer Pagan path back when I was just a witchling. I made the point of letting him know, since I think it's very important to honor our elders, as they have provided the foundation for us to live and practice as we do.

There were so many more that made this event such a magical one and I would be hard-pressed to mention them all. Many thanks to lonespiritwolf2 and to technocowboy who have been trying to get me to this event for the past several years. I will indeed be going back and am already making my list of what offerings I'd like to present.

Now, I am getting ready for the next . I leave in two weeks for Massachusetts. I'm really looking forward to it. I even have a few new techniques to incorporate into my offerings there. It is promising to be a powerful event.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's all about me! :)

Who else is love? pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Oh my gay stars!

So with all the media bruhaha that has been going on lately concerning the Larry Craig scandal, one might have missed out a similar incident involving another anti-gay lawmaker, this time in Florida.

On July 11, Rep. Bob Allen (official website) was arrested in a restroom at a park in Titusville, Florida after soliciting an undercover male officer and offering to pay him $20 for oral sex. The thing that strikes me is not so much that we have yet another example of a conservative lawmaker who has made it a habit of attacking our people while engaging in secret homosexual activity (I mean, it's par for the course now for these conservative bastards, right?) but that the entire public should have seen this one coming. I mean, just take a look at his website and look under 'Recreational Interest'.

Hmmm... me thinks this one was not well thought out.

Good luck on your trial, Bob! Let's hope there'e not any restrooms on the way to the courthouse!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Storm Report

So, lots of things have been happening over here. It was finally confirmed that our loan is going through, so Chas and I will be buying (the unfortunately named) Dolphin Dream in Walnut Creek, a brick-and-mortar metaphysical retail store that I used to manage years ago. It's a relatively successful store (est. 1989) and in a good location. We still have to jump through a bunch of hoops (meeting with the landlord, and signing contracts, and such) but we are hoping to take it over in the next couple of months. We do hope to make some changes to the store over the next few years, mostly in the area of decor, products (we will carry more Pagan items such as altar tools, specialty candles, and such), and also the general "vibe", grounding it a bit and making it somewhat more earthy. But we are committed to taking it slow, so as to not scare off too many of the current customers. We *are* planning on having some Feri people do some stuff there, though, and the classroom in the back is large enough so that I might teach some larger group classes, both Feri and non.

Speaking of Feri tradition: a few months ago, I am honored to report, I was passed the Black Wand in a rite with Cora Anderson at her home. It was arranged by my friend anaar (who I actually thought would be doing the actual passing... but when we did the rite it was mainly done by Cora, with Anaar & her husband Steve, Thorn Coyle, Michele Jackson & her husband, and my teacher Mitchell in attendance to support and witness.) It was a very simple and beautiful rite and I am more than grateful to receive this honor from so many talented witches. A couple weeks later I was passed the Black Wand again, this time by Feri priest Dominic (elemirion) who has different lore concerning the wand system. Having both traditional methods of the wands passed to me in this way I feel empowered to combine them together to make them both more accessible, and less hierarchical, than some have interpreted them in the past. I made a pact with Michele after the first rite that I would announce my wand in my bio for Feri Camp and so now that the event has been announced (and also that I have already told my own students about it) I thought I should mention it a bit more publicly, both to communicate my availability to fulfill that role, but also to give the community an opportunity to "keep me real", so to speak. I'm currently writing an article on the wands for this next issue of Witch Eye in which I talk about these two different traditional takes on the wand system, detailing the specifics of each of the three traditional wands, as well as introducing the possibility of several other wands as energetic symbols for additional schools of post-initiatory magical specialty. I'll let my article speak more about how I view the role and honor of the Black Wand, but for now suffice to say that I do not feel that holding it entitles me to any additional authority over any other Feri initiate. What it does bring me, quite simply, is additional responsibility toward the community.

And now coming back down to earth for a bit...

Last week we went to see Avenue Q at the Orpheum in San Francisco. It was a birthday present from Chas and I for Philipsouthernpm (AKA the "weekend boyfriend"). It totally rocked. I especially loved the song "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist". And the fact that one of the characters was Gary Coleman tickled me to no end.

This past weekend Philip and I went to Anaar's birthday party. It was much fun, although I had **way** too much to drink and paid for it the next day. (Philip makes a mean Pomegranate Martini, which incidentally I call a Persephone) and I stopped counting after 5. (Hey! I was there for about 8 hours! And I'm Irish. And I love me my vices.) I craved a cigarette at one point, but did not give in, even though there were several opportunities that presented themselves. I have it on good authority that I did not embarrass myself any, even though I barely remember leaving. I had a really good time. Thanks, Anaar, for inviting me. I hope I wasn't too loud or obnoxious! I do remember not being able to articulate myself as well as I would have liked toward the end. Ahh... alcohol. Good times.

I'm gearing up to go to Between the Worlds in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited. Philip and I will be going. I wish that Chas could go, but he needs to take care of his mom. Hopefully after we get the store we will have enough money to hire someone to take care of her for a day or two and then we can get away just the two of us. It's a hope, anyway...

We're still accepting registrations for the Feri Camp in October. If you are interested you should check it out ASAP! We need a few more so that we can have it at the preferred location. (It's happening no matter what, but the campground we had chosen as our preferred location is awesome! Help make it happen and sign up today!)

Well, that's all I got. Today was my day off and I spent it just wandering around the house, reading, napping, and getting some writing done. (I'm putting the finishing touches on my wand article, as well as a Feri self-dedication rite that Chas and I have penned together.) We also just watched the movie Al Franken: God Spoke, a documentary on one of my favorite left-wing comedians turned politicians. Now we just need Jon Stewart to run for something.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Feri Camp: Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death

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There are still spaces available for October's Feri Camp! Hurry! The window for discounted early registration is quickly running out!

Exploring the Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death
With Anaar, Storm Faerywolf, Michele and Karina

October 4 - 8, 2007
Camp Nawaka, East Otis, MA

Join Feri students, practitioners, initiates and four teachers from distinct lines in the Berkshire Mountains of New England for four nights and five days of intensive classes, ritual, community and magic. We will open to the darker mysteries of Feri Tradition focusing intently on the Mighty Dead, Hoodoo, Psychic Opening and Protection, Danger & Delight, Bardic Circle, the Dark Deities and the turning of the Year Wheel. The Intensive will engage the Whole Self, using a variety of methods including song, poetry, guided meditation, dance, crafts and more.

$300 before August 17, 2007
(hurry... time's running out!)
$315 until September 20th (Final deadline)

Main offerings include:

  • The Death Mask with Anaar
  • Walking the Bone Road: Necromancy in the Feri Tradition with Storm
  • Word Magic and Poetic Madness with Karina
  • Ancestor Collage with Michele
  • Dia de los Muertos: Sugar Skulls with Anaar
  • The Arddu: Trance Journey with the Lord of Death with Storm
  • Danger & Delight: Power and Vulnerability in Feri Tradition with Karina
  • Ancestor Govi with Anaar & Michele
  • Foundations of Feri: Kala/Cleansing and The Iron Pentacle with Storm
  • Setting a Spell with Karina
  • Bone Mother: Journeys with Ana with Karina
  • Tea-time with the Dead: Talkingboards and Spirit Communication with Storm
  • The Mighty Dead with Anaar
  • Hoodoo Graveyard Work with Michele
  • Dispelling a Curse: Ancient and Modern Rites of Cleansing and Protection with Storm
  • Evil Eye with Anaar
  • Breath, Heart and Devotion with Karina

We will also have several events with everyone together, including:

Panel Discussion/Q & A
Bardic Circle. Bring your songs, stories and poetry!
Danse Macabre: A Ritual Masquerade
Ritual of the Mighty Dead Please bring 4.25" x 5.5" photocopied images of your Beloved Dead (these may or may not be your Blood Ancestors)

For more information and for registration, CLICK HERE

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New England Feri Intensive

New England Feri Intensive:
Exploring the Mysteries of Poetry, Madness & Death
October 4-8, 2007
Camp Nawaka, East Otis, MA
With Anaar, Michele, Storm Faerywolf and Karina

Join Feri students, practitioners, initiates and four teachers from distinct lines in the Berkshire Mountains of New England for four nights and five days of intensive classes, ritual, community and magic. We will open to the darker mysteries of Feri Tradition focusing intently on the Mighty Dead, Hoodoo, Psychic Opening and Protection, Danger & Delight, Bardic Circle, the Dark Deities and the turning of the Year Wheel. The Intensive will engage the Whole Self, using a variety of methods including song, poetry, guided meditation, dance, crafts and more.


  • $300 before August 17, 2007.
  • $315 until September 20th (Deadline).
  • Includes all workshops, meals and lodging.

Work-study/financial assistance may be available, dependent upon the generous contributions of registrants and other members of the Feri community.

For more information, please click here.

Join the New England Feri Intensive On-line Community

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stopping Hate Crimes...


What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color grey, which embodies the characteristics of elegance, humility, respect, reverence, stability, subtlety, wisdom, strong emotions, balance, and cancellation. Grey falls under the element of Water, and symbolizes the moon, tide, ebb and flow.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz

Quizzes and Personality Tests

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Greetings...

Happy 792nd Birthday to Habeas Corpus!

Though you've been missing since October... I wish you well, wherever you are!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm in an art show!

I'm going to have a few pieces in an upcoming art show in San Francisco this Saturday night! I won't be there because I have something else going on that night (!) but if you get a chance do try to check it out. It sounds like it will be way cool. (And you can have an opportunity to get one of my framed prints, as well as some other kick ass erotic art, if you're into that sort of thing.)

You’re invited to Double Delicious, a luscious night of breast worship & erotic art at Art SF!

This will be an unforgettably naughty celebration to honor the release of the book: Destination DD: Adventures of a Breast Fetishist with 40DDs, written by SF Sexpert and breast fetishist, Virgie Tovar.

Date: Saturday, June 16, 2007, 8pm-midnight

Destination: Art SF, 110 Capp St. (1 block from 16th and Mission BART station)

Double Delicious will be hosted by breast fetishist with 40DDs, Virgie. She will lead you through a boobtacular celebration of breasts. Enjoy the breast and butt spanking booth, delicious breast-themed desserts, busty goddesses, breast history, breast-centric erotica readings from Destination DD, very naughty art, music and performances.

Destination DD and other boobie goodies will be on sale at the event.

$5-$15 sliding scale. All entrance fees go to supporting local artists and Art SF. Art SF is a community art space helping keep the local art scene alive in the Mission.
The Show Features Erotic Artists…

Teresa Moore                                
Robert Adler                     
Christian Lunch
Poppy Cannon-Reese                
Jack Collins                        
Daniel Weaver
Kiriko Moth                                     
Yaffa Talcott                    
Alejandro Johnson
Klaus Lange                                   
Umayyah Cable
Samantha Wolov                        
Joseph Butt                                   
Jennifer Mercede
Tantra Bensko                       
Linda Angela
Suzanne Rachel Forbes              
Kenny Mencher
Monica Meza
Ted Williams
Storm Faerywolf
Nining Muir
and others

& Musical Talents…

DJ Cuba                 
Pucca Pangenitor           
Tiger Honey Pot
and special guests

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Black Heart Poem

I've been busily writing down all these exercises that have been dancing around in my brain for years now, as I am finally getting to a place with some of my students where I need to have them written down.

This is a portion of a Black Heart invocatory exercise that I recently wrote. Enjoy, or be reviled. Your choice. ;)

Black Heart Thrum
©2007 Storm Faerywolf

Black Heart
Primal Drum
Child’s song
Feral thrum
Passion’s kiss
Shining light
Wild bliss
Starlit night
Serpent’s skin
Second sight
Dark abyss
Shining bright
Black Heart
Pulsing free

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New England Feri Camp

I am happy to announce that I will be participating in the following event:

Feri Intensive Camp
Exploring the Mysteries
of Poetry, Madness & Death

With Anaar, Storm Faerywolf, Michele and Karina


October 4 - 8, 2007
Camp Nawaka, East Otis, MA

Early Registration (before August 15) $300 per person
Late Registration (after August 15) $315 per person

Registration includes Intensive, Lodging and Meals.
Must be received via internet or mail no later than midnight September 19, 2007. No exceptions.

More information and registration available here (51K PDF).

We also created a LiveJournal Community for the Camp, , along with a MySpace Profile

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Circle Casting

I've recently been working on an alternative to the Bloodrose Feri circle that I was taught and so decided to incorporate this poem that I originally wrote back in 1998.  One of the verses borrows heavily (like three out of the four lines!) from a poem by Doreen Valiente, but it was just so perfect I couldn't help it. I have been revising this casting ever since I first wrote it, and just this past week added a new verse (so now there's seven... I love sevens), changed a couple of lines, and reordered it. Chas recently posted a previous version in his LJ when posting about the faery hounds. In the circle script I will pass on it is listed as an alternative to the (somewhat altered) Bloodrosian version that I received, and has a list of "stage directions" including different energetic instructions/visualizations for the participants to perform at different parts, but here is just the poetic invocation for your amusement. 

Invocation of the Circle
©1998-2007 Storm Faerywolf

By Forest dark and standing stone,
By rushing wind and life's first breath,
By flame that burns the flesh to bone,
By ancient sea, the land of death...

By the Mother and Her Son
Is the circle made and done
Descend the light of Moon and Sun
Our Holy Rite has now begun.

My blade has cast the circle round,
with razor's edge and bluest flame,
from earth to heavens, sky to ground,
the power comes that has no name.

We summon forth the faery hounds,
From Outer Darkness now draw near,
to prowl beyond the circle's bounds,
And put intruder's hearts in fear.

Between the worlds of flesh and Fae,
we touch the Source and form the weave,
a ward to keep the worlds at bay,
that none may enter; none may leave.

This holy ground now lies between
The realm of Gods and mortal men,
By human eye cannot be seen
the faery sight alive within.

As above and so below,
enveloped in a cobalt flame,
the stars that shine, the stones that know,
within we speak Her sacred name.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our newest family member...

Everyone please welcome the newest member of our little family...  We've decided to call her 'Shaylee'. She's a 3 month old Labrador/Pit Bull mix. We rescued her from the pound and she came home to us today. She's a real love.

I think I'm in love.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Witch Eye #15: Call for Submissions

I think it can be agreed by all of us that Feri witches are a creative, opinionated bunch. So you'd think that we'd have *hundreds* of submissions for the next Witch Eye, right?

Well... we have a few... but it's not coming together yet, so here's what we want you to do...

Send us something. A ritual. A review. A piece of art. A story. Humor! Send us your really cool experience in trance that you feel like sharing... tell us what the Gods are inspiring in you. We're still interested in cool poetry, but keep in mind that we get mostly poetry as it is. But an essay... an article... a well mannered rant... Bring 'em on! Whatever little Feri thing you'd like to address, do it and send it in!

Or... if you just can't think of where to start, how about pondering some of these?

  • The Mighty Dead: Ancestral Reverence and Practice in Feri Magic
  • Love and the Craft: How has Feri impacted your relationships?
  • The Dangers of Feri. What exactly are they? And why does it sound so cool?
  • Art & Feri. Has Feri impacted your creative life? Are you dancing more? Making music? Are you suddenly creating art for the first time? Tell us!
  • You may have aligned your Three Souls, but you still can't use the car-pool lane.
  • Initiation. What it is. What it isn't. And why you may never need one. Or want one.
  • Dreams... We've collected dreams from folks that involve the late Victor Anderson. Do you have one?
  • Cursing. C'mon... you know you want to.
  • Ethics. Lost teachings of the tradition found!
  • Seeking the Black Heart. Exercises and Stories on the search for Feri's Holy Grail
  • Outside Looking In: Feri from a non-Feri Perspective
  • Witch Eye: The Swimsuit Issue. Send us your pictures! No, I'm not kidding...
  • The Divine Twins. Cornerstone of the Feri mythos and I still can't tell them apart.
  • Kala and the Pearl Pentacle: Is the community doing enough?
  • Classroom vs. the Coven, or why you are wrong to practice as you do
Our next theme, if we have one, will depend on what I get a lot of. But I love diversity, so send us whatever you want to write about! You can do it. We want material from all aspects of the Feri community: initiates, teachers, students, practitioners, and even educated seekers. You have over three months. Deadline isn't until September 1st! No excuses! Flex those Pride points!

Guidelines can be found here:
Send all submissions and questions to:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Poem... a Spell... a Teaching... a Prayer

The Sacred Fire
©2007 Storm Faerywolf

Like a fire so it shines
Bright against the empty dark
Dividing into perfect two
And with light, so then color
A splendid texture rich with hue.

This flame it burns against the cold
Against the snapping madness of the unknown
It warms the blood and stills the mind
And calls the trance upon our kind.

A dance... around the fire
Sweat slick thick upon my skin
I take a torch and place it in.

Taking fire from the gods
I hold aloft the sacred flame
A lantern in the velvet night
And so I learn the ancient dark terrain.

Triple Will my compass true
My life a vessel for Your power
Descend with heart of coal aflame
And let me come to know this flower.

High above it blooms so bright
Like a beacon in the night
To hold at bay all shade and fright
And grant the power of the sight.

Beyond the Outer Darkness comes,
the wraith, like curled gray smoke appears
into the mirror of midnight
I scry what lies beyond our fears.

And now I dance again around
This growing fire of which we tend
That seeds a hundred little flames
As next they come with torch in hand.

And soon one day they dance away,
With lanterns set against the night
To carry then their precious flame
To share their sacred light.

And though they’ve come, and though they’ve gone
A hundred times upon and more
And though they’ve lit their darkened homes
Still we tend this sacred fire.

Wash once, rinse twice...

This is a very filtered post, only for Feri initiates, and certainly not all of them.

I just had the weirdest interaction with another Feri student/practitioner. He asked me to not "go public" with it, but dude... this is just too weird to pass up.

Last night on the Witch Eye list a certain someone who has been espousing the Tribal/Family model of Feri cryptically posted that someone very close to me was an example of someone not right for the tradition being officially a part of it. I racked my brains... Could they be talking about a student of mine? We were talking about charging money for classes, and the like, and I had mentioned having to let some students go because of their lack of work. Certainly I have a couple of students who I am currently "on the fence" about and waiting to see if I will let them go, or not, but I couldn't figure out who and so I asked them privately.

Well, I got the response today and it was... (drum roll, please)...  Chas! Apparently because Chas doesn't automatically equate the Feri priesthood with a family that means (according to this person) that Chas' initiation didn't "take". Jesus fucking Christ on a pogo-stick! I laughed out loud!

Chas is very reserved about whom he shares his most intimate insights on Feri with, so I can understand that this person might have no clue as to what Chas is really about... but it's extra weird because this person has never met Chas... And a little weirder because this person is not an initiate, although his wife is, but that's a whole other story.

I just shake my head. I know that Chas is a powerful Feri witch who has an amazing grasp of the Gods who speak to him directly. It's just weird to have my husband maligned in such a way, and then to hear that there's an entire group that apparently holds this idea to be true as well. **EDIT: In a suprising positive development I am now told that his group told him he was off base with his accusation. That's good news, right? ;)

I'm off to make Kala... not because I'm angry (I was briefly, but that moved through me) but more because I am sad; sad that this person's view of Feri is so limited that other ways of practicing/believing seem to threaten their practice, and that as such it translates into judgment, a distraction from the larger Work, I feel.

Instead of washing once, or twice, or even rinsing at all, I sometimes feel I'd rather just hold their heads under the water.

More Kala! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back from Camp...

I've been back from teaching at Feri Camp for a few days now. It's taken me awhile to get back into the routine of my daily life, and thankfully Chas has been very supportive in that area. I've actually gotten a lot of work done since I returned, but I have also had a lot of my attention on all things Feri, making plans, talking to friends, and contemplating what I think is a very healthy future for the tradition.

Camp this year was an incredible experience. I was impressed by the level of sincere commitment to this path, and by the fierce openheartedness of the participants. A lot of energy was raised, and when that happens our complexes tend to arise into view. The result was a lot of cleansing work, and whole lot of sharing... of joy, of pain, of fear, and of laughter. I felt truly blessed to have the opportunity to be in such an environment where we could come together as friends, as lovers, as family, to face both our beauty and our darkness, seeing both as holy.

I learned a lot during this trip. From the beginning I felt that this was about claiming more fully my own power, and I walk away feeling powerful; alive, charged, and changed. More of who I already am. A tremendous amount of energy was raised during our few days there, through trance... through ritual... through drumming... through dance... A common theme being the quest for the Black Heart that really did shine brightly in the eyes and smiles of those present. We did serious work! But also did we laugh... sometimes to the point of tears; the kind of laughter that hurts your cheeks and your belly and reminds you just how wonderful it is to be alive. That we were able to share that, and so much more with each other, is a blessing into itself.

I led some trance work with the Guardians, which always leaves me buzzing, but it was my session with the Amethyst Pentacle that really surprised me. When Chas and I wrote it back in '02 we knew that it was powerful, but going into trance with it and running its power with the participants at camp was nothing short of astounding. I was impressed by the willingness of those present to look into the face of their own pain and --still feeling it-- claim back their power from its clutches. Certainly this is work that will need to be done repeatedly, but that first step is most often the most frightful and that so many looked into that dark mirror of the self and met its gaze so evenly, is an inspiring sight to behold. All this along with reverence, determination, and laughter made the atmosphere both casual and relaxing, as well as focused and filled with deep purpose. As I said in another forum, if this is the future of Feri, then it is something that we can all be proud of. I know I certainly am.

I am also proud to have worked with so many fabulous teachers. This was my first time working with Karina of the BlackHeart line, and it was a tremendously satisfying experience. She really knows her stuff, and has a great command of the Faery current. I am proud to call her a sister of the Craft. Anaar I worked with last year, but it was this year that showed me another facet of her own commitment to the Gods; her connection to them is deep, real, and above all, personal. You show me a Witch who can yell in anger at the Goddess, and I'll show you one who walks the walk. And finally Michele. Her attention is like a surgical instrument, cutting right to the heart of the matter. She doesn't waste time with her words, but lest you might think her harsh because of it let me tell you she is one of the kindest people I know. And one of the funniest. That final night there she and I stayed up all night long just talking about life, about Feri, and just telling each other silly stories. We finally had to leave to try and let Anaar and Karina sleep. We paid for it that final day... in the form of dropped shields and no filters at all... but it was worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Now I am home and my life is shifting. People are contacting me and asking if I might travel to their area to teach. It comes at a good time because it is something that I have contemplated for awhile, so I find myself looking into how it might work both in terms of finances, but also in terms of energy; my time here at home is important, as Chas needs to take care of his mom when I am away. But he is also very supportive of me following my bliss, so it looks like I will be traveling at least some in the future. It's a great feeling: to be exactly where you are supposed to be.

With that in mind I shall end this with a blessing to all of you reading this: May you find yourself exactly where you need to be. And may you have the presence of mind to recognize it.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting ready...

First off... Happy Birthday to my beautiful Chas! I love you more and more each day... you are the love of my life and I feel nothing short of divinely fortunate to call you my husband.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Feri Camp where I will be teaching about the Feri Guardians, as well as giving some other workshops including one on the Amethyst Pentacle. I've spent today making sure that I am all packed and prepped. There's been so much to do! I just barely was able to get my luggage stuffed and weighed and I'm just under the restricted weight limit. (I'll be selling some books and such there and have to schlep them there myself, so I've been packing, and arranging, and taking inventory, blah, blah, blah.) I'm exhausted, but if it's half as good as last year then it will all be worth it.

I wont have cell phone coverage or access to the internet while I am there (gasp! sputter!) but I am looking forward to my time "off the grid" so to speak. It really is beautiful land there. I promise to come home with pictures.

Wish me luck...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Quiz Stuff

If you want, go here to take a short quiz to decide if my Golden Compass Daemon is correct for me, or not:

Initially I got a Lion. (Actually, the first time I took it, I got a Crow, but I thought I answered something wrong so I went back and took it again.) I have 12 days before is becomes permanent, so check it out soon! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

258-year-old gay rights text documented

The lost book Ancient and Modern Pederasty Investigated and Exemplified was written in 1749 by Thomas Cannon, and was partially preserved in handwritten court documents used to suppress its publication.

"This must be the first substantial treatment of homosexuality ever in English," says Dr Hal Gladfelder, who discovered the references in a box of uncatalogued legal documents from the time.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I love these...

From Free Will Astrology

Pisces Horoscope for week of March 29, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Pisces (February 19-March 20)
Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?" Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? His goal: transcend dental medication. A vulture boards a plane carrying two dead possums. The flight attendant stops her and says, "I'm sorry, ma'am, there's only one carrion allowed per passenger." APRIL FOOL! The preceding passage wasn't your real horoscope, but rather a Zen koan designed to scramble your brain so that you'd be receptive to your real horoscope, which goes as follows: Two Eskimos were sitting in a kayak. They were cold, so they lit a fire right there. The boat sank, proving that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Henry Rollins Love Letter to Ann Coulter

Shamlessly stolen from the journal of :

(If you watch this at work be careful of the F-bomb.)  ;)

The Wisdom of Carl Sagan

Yanked from

If you look carefully at the NASA photo below, you will see a little white dot. This minute speck is Earth seen from the Voyager 1 spacecraft as it exits the solar system, nearly 4 billion miles away. The photo was taken back in 1990.

Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there–on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds.

Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

– Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Witch Eye Auctions on eBay to help Cora Anderson!

OK... I have posted this practically everywhere, and so I apologize to those of you who have seen this a bunch already.

Happy Spring Equinox, everyone! To help celebrate this astrological event we are now offering a rare opportunity to get your hands on the first three issues of Witch Eye, now out-of-print, via auctions on eBay!

Each are in brand new condition. Starting bids are $20 each, and all proceeds will go to the care of Cora Anderson. You get to complete your collection while at the same time you will be helping out our Feri Grandmother with her in-home care.

For more information about each issue, please visit their individual eBay listings:

Witch Eye #1
Witch Eye #2
Witch Eye #3

Or, you can go to our eBay store at: to see our other items for sale.

These were recently found in a box of original Witch Eye materials that Max gave me when she turned the magazine over to me back in 2003. These are the final copies of these out of print issues, so once they're gone... they're gone.

For more information about Cora, as well as updates and information on how you can contribute to her in-home care, visit:

If anyone has any questions please let me know! Happy bidding!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Practicing safe Blue God...

I was alerted to this by a good friend of mine. It appears in the current (March 07) issue of Instinct magazine.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Witch Eye #14

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Well, it's finally here! Our brand new format!

We've been working hard to improve the quality of our zine and decided to finally take the plunge into actual magazine-dom. With a new format of 8.5"x11", 48 interior BW pages and full color/full-bleed covers, we are happy to unveil...

Witch Eye: A Journal of Feri Uprising
#14: The Guardians of Feri
$8 ea.

plus 50 cents per copy shipping in the U.S.

CA residents please add 7.25% sales tax

(Non-U.S. residents please contact us for shipping rates to your country.)

Witch Eye #14
Click image for more info
In this issue:
The Guardians of Vanthi Coven

Tying It All Together

A Personal Sharing:
Come Home to the Faerie Queen

13 Magical Secrets

The Lords of the Outer Dark

Giving Thanks to Fire-In-The-Earth

and much more!
For a full list of contents click HERE.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One of the many reasons I love my husband.

Next week Chas (carnivalia) and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary. On this day of romance and chocolates I found myself going through old papers a bit while he was at work and I found a little note that he left me from perhaps a year or two ago. It was left for me on some occasion in which he was not here in the morning and I had to get his mom up and showered and fed. As I made my bleary-eyed way to our beverage bar that morning to make (the much-needed) coffee (without which I am a very cranky person but that is nothing compared to the passive aggressive nasty attitude that emanates from his mother under such circumstances) I was greeting by this little blue note that made me smile. I share it with you all so that you can have some idea of the quirky sense of humor that he has, which is one of the many reasons why 14 years doesn't feel like it has been even half that long.

And so I took his advice and made her a Frothé (an instant mix which had been sitting in the back of our cupboard for awhile just waiting for an instance like this) and everything was fine.

I love you, sweetheart.

My First CD

Silly me... I never put this on my website!

Pagan Meditation Series:
Grounding: Becoming the Tree of Life (CD)
Written and read
by Storm Faerywolf
Running time: 20:30

OK... I feel better now. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

From my friend Peter Grahame at Ironic Horse Studio:

Friday, February 09, 2007

What I got for Solstice...

OK... Sex filter post #1! (Yay!)

It's a bit late, but look what I got for Solstice! Well... actually, I got this a long time before solstice (like a year or so before) but I didn't have any of the hardware to set-it up until southernpm bought all the "stuff" and installed it for us, the price for doing so, of course, was a chance to be able to help break it in... which I happily (and piggishly) agreed to. :)

Getting the sling originally was part fetish and part joke; I have always wanted one (don't look at me like that!) but they were always so expensive... I had asked my husband carnivalia for one for my birthday one year and he jokingly told me that he might get me a used one on eBay. I had never thought of that... so I checked eBay myself and got this one for under $50. (Yes... I made sure it was cleaned before I used it!)  ;)

Let me just say that I love it. It's hanging in our temple-room which makes it a place better suited for worshiping the kind of Gods that really interest me. ;) And it's really easy to take down when I need the temple for more "conventional" use. I'm thinking, though, that I shall paint the temple black to give it that really satanic/sex dungeon feel, which will be great for fucking, and great for meditating in the "normal" way, too. But I don't think Chas is really on board with that yet, so I will need to work on him some more.

I'm also thinking that I should write more sex magick rituals now... and of course, practice, practice, practice! 

Sunday, February 04, 2007

No more star-spangled Joss

Joss Whedon has been let go from the Wonder Woman movie project. Today I drown my sorrows in drink. :(

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sex filter?

So, I've been meaning to put together a sex filter here for some time and am just now getting around to it. Right now, if you are able to read this that means that you are already on my filter! Everyone that I have chosen so far is a gay man just because I'm more comfortable with that. (Which of course means that if you are reading this and you are NOT a gay man, then I have mistakenly added you, but if you still want to read about how much dick I sucked or whatnot then more power to you.) With that in mind it's very important that if you do NOT wish to be on this filter that you let me know right away. Just post a comment to this post to let me know either way... all comments to this entry will be screened to protect everyone's privacy. :)

For those of you that opt to stay in this filter you should be aware that I may post things here that are NSW (Not Safe for Work) and/or just general descriptive entries about my sex life. Again, if you do not want to be here then let me know and I will happily remove you from the filter. I don't want to be accused of cramming my sex-life down anyone's throat, unless of course you are into that sort of thing. ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

I love this man...

Wow! I found this from a post in 's journal. I'm re-posting it here because... well... just watch it.

F***ing kick-ass, man!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wii would like to play...

I've been having some good fun with my Wii lately. (That sounded dirty, but oh, well...)

I just found my Wii number! It's 0083 5431 6725 8535. If you have a Wii, friend me! Yay!