Monday, March 24, 2008

Preview of my latest project

I have been toying with the idea of doing a poetry reading project for awhile now... and when Onyx asked me and several other Feri initiates to read Victor's poetry for the A Jewel for Cora project, I decided it was time to start getting busy. So here is a preview of my latest poetry project.

Black Heart Thrum (MP3)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spiritual Bigotry

I've been seeing a strange trend lately... well, strange to me. Since acquiring the store a few months ago, we have heard a few times that people were concerned that the energy there would become "too dark" now that we have taken over. Now, in general the response has been overwhelmingly positive... but as for the negative responses, I can only assume it's because of our involvement in the Craft.

For example: A woman came in a couple months ago and said, (with a definite tone of sharp concern) "The store's not going to become more WICCAN is it???"

I let her know that, yes, it WAS going to become more Wiccan... and more Buddhist, and more Christian, and more Native American, and more Voodoo, and more Thelemic, and more everything else, to boot.

I am wondering how that would have gone over if she was concerned about the store becoming more Jewish, or more Buddhist, or more <fill-in-the-blank>? Certainly there seems to be a disconnect here. These people honestly believe that they are part of the open minded elite, and I'm sure would be shocked to learn that they are just as small-minded as those fundamentalists that they look down their noses at.

Anyway... I think it's a good thing, actually. Mamma always said if you weren't pissing somebody off then you weren't doing anything important. Our goal has been to change the clientèle of the place and I think it's happening organically. Even just the colors we have chosen to paint the place changes the vibe dramatically... and I'm sure will contribute to some feeling that the store has changed too much for them. That's fine. We know that change is good... and let's face it... the place had gotten so damned saccharine that I'm surprised no one ever went into a sugar-coma.  We've been working hard to ground the place. And I am finally really happy with how it is turning out.

So if you are one of those people who is out there reading my blog because you are concerned about how the store might change... that it might become "too dark" for you... then don't bother coming back in. The store is not for you anymore. We are more Pagan... more Santeria, more Hoodoo, more Islam... we are more Taoist, more Feng Shui, more everything. We are a bit more enlightened (and yes, a bit more endarkened!) now. And if that scares you well, good. We are a mirror. The demons that you see are your own.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Need help With Stellar Myths!

I was hoping that someone (or several someones) could help me with a little project I'm working on... as part of our remodel and restructure of the store, we have decided to rename the suites (what are currently used as reader or massage rooms) after constellations. I wanted each name to reflect what type of thing generally goes on there, so I was thinking that the main reader room could be named Delphinus (connecting it to the Dolphin; the mediator between Gods and mankind in Greek Mythology as well as connecting it to the Oracle at Delphi) and the main massage room Ophiuchus; after the celebrated healer... although I'd be open to something else here. I still need a name for another reader/massage/whatever room, as well as a name for our classroom. Also, a name for our office would be nice, too... but I'll take what I can get.

Does anyone have any star trivia bouncing around their heads? Anyone inclined to make any suggestions? Thanks in advance...